LG GPRS Setttings

From Main Menu select Settings > Select  Internet > Select Profiles > Select Add New /Edit an Existing Profile
  • Profile Name      Safaricom GPRS
  • Press Back and Select Safaricom GPRS and Scroll to Settings
  • Homepage      wap.safaricom.com
  • Bearer      GPRS
  • GPRS Settings     Select it
  • IP Address
  • APN       safaricom
  • User ID/Log In     saf
  • Password      data
  • Proxy Settings     Select it
  • Proxy Address
  • Port       9201
  • DNS Settings      Skip it/leave as it is
  • Secure Settings     Off
  • Display Image     On
Go back to Safaricom GPRS and Select Activate
To browse, Select Internet and select Homepage

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